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Fiona Mark Gil
Date of Birth 1978
Date of Death 2008
Gender Female
Height 6.4
Race/Ethnicity American
Occupation Teacher
Marital status Engaged to Jason Smith
Relative(s) Mother Diane.
Status Dead


Fiona gil was like any other woman.She was a Happy woman.She managed to get an job at an school.Her duty was the guiding space.When the events of Knife and die took place,Fiona was scared to the death.However this caused her and her to be soon to be Husband Jason Smith to beed.Fiona survivied this,Which caused the events of Knife and die part 2 Fear.She also apeared in Knife and die part 3 Revenge and she died in this one.

Role in Knife and die Edit

Fiona and her boyfreind Jason were being stalked by a man and two woman.When twists and turns came,They were finally caught.They were stabed by each and were left 4 dead.Fiona tried to call 911 but passed out.Then the next day a freind of Fiona comes to the house and sees them.She touches Fiona,Who wakes up screaming.She was the only survivior.

Role in Knife and die part 2 Fear Edit

Fiona had thought it was over.She was living her life til she had an nightmare.Then the man comes to finish the job.After some twists and turns Fiona finally made it to the subway.The man and the two woman ran for her.However Fiona had put them in a trap.Then a train came and ran the three down.Fiona thought they were dead for now.

Role in Knife and die part 3 Revenge Edit

Fiona is in a mental hospital.She knows her time is up and waits for the clock to strike midnight.When it does,The two woman and the man run in.However Fiona manages to escape from them and runs to the roof.With no where else to go,Fiona faces them.However they push her down and she dies.Her voice is then heard in a cd she recorded later.

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