Act IEdit

Act I begins with NSA Agent Lee Stark and his partner, Nathan Finch, investigating the Polanski research facility north of Diamond Town in rural Illinois. After several days of investigating they figured out the researchers had no idea that the drug they were testing, Harmonous, was actually Dr. Owen Polanski's sick way of "cleansing" humanity. Harmonous turned humans into flesh-craving zombies. Then, a leak caused the researchers to turn into zombies, who subsequently attacked Diamond Town. Stark and Finch fled to the police building, along with Lt. Roberts and Cpl. Fisher. Several dozen citizens took refuge in the police building, including Polanski, who had nowhere else to go. After fighting zombies off for several days, Finch finally got a radio to work and requested an immediate evac. The zombies overran the police building and Polanski, Finch, Fisher, Robers, and Stark were the only survivors. Upon reaching the roof, they are picked up by a helicopter, piloted by Rookie Jevon Johnson. After flying over the forest surrounding Diamond Town, Finch took a good look at Polanski, he then said, "Don't I know you?" Polanski then took Stark's gun, shot and killed Fisher and forced Roberts, Finch and Stark out of the helicopter. The trio survived, and after hours of searching for a way home, they find a mansion, seemingly unaffected by the virus. Finch is then captured by a hunter after shooting him in the leg. Roberts and Stark follow the hunter to the mansion and after fighting through the zombies they find Finch with the hunter pointing a gun towards his head. Since Roberts was the only one with a gun at that point, it was his decison. Roberts can't kill the hunter so the hunter kills Finch and shoots Roberts in the chest with his 12 Gauge. Stark then takes cover and grabs Roberts' gun and shoots the hunter in the head, killing him. Roberts is still alive, barely, so Stark carries him over twelve miles to a military checkpoint, once there, they are evacuated to Fort Behjamin in Southern Illinois. After Stark rests up he receives two bits of bad news, Roberts died, and Polanski promised he would release Harmonous into an airport somewhere in the country, spreading it throught the world.

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