Ending worldEdit

When an virus causes an global outbreak,The remaining try and figure out how can they stay alive and find an cure.


In 2008,Japan,An man vomits in the shopping mall.His wife,Rika,trys to find help,The man's head explodes.When people look on in shock,Their heads explode and vomit.An minute later the whole mall is dead and the goverment order the mall to be qurantined.

An month later in America,An woman named Sandy is at an hospital waiting for her husband Randy.Randy vomited about twenty times in two minutes.She hears screams and looks in the room.Randy head is missing.However,Shorlty after,Evreybody in that room has their head explode.Sandu faints and an surgeon runs in to see what is happening.This causes him and Sandy's head to explode.

When the goverment hear of this,The new president,Harry,Tells them that an disease is in America.An woman named Jane says that the disease that is in Japan was spreaded by an japanese tourist.

Meanwhile,In Japan,Tokyo,Evreybody's head is exploding.However,An insect is seen coming out of their mouth.An english tourist named Frank gets his wife,Two freinds and an japanese man into an shop.The wife is Anna freinds are Kim and Linda and the man is unknowen.However,The man's head explodes and the others run into the back room and Kim is the next victem.Anna and Linda are saved by Frank but he gives his life.

Linda and Anna then run to an hotel.They find the english manager Noel and his sister Fiona who is blind.Noel says that all his staff and guest's died from the virus.Linda then phones her boyfreind in America.

Garry,Linda's boyfreind,Answers the phone and learns what is happening.Garry tells Linda to stay in the safest room in the hotel.However,Garry then walks in his sister's room and finds her head is exploded.His head then explodes.

Much more to be addedd

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