The Creature's image, max 250px
The Creature's name
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By The creator of the creature
Creation How the creature got created
Based What the creature is based off of, or what the base of the creature was
Height/Length The height of the creature
Purpose The purpose of the creature
Status The status of the creature, active, extinct, or unknown


El Naddaha is a kind of banshee who calls men to the Nile, most likely to their death.


It is unknown when exactly the legend was first told, or what was the incident that caused its rise. The story became popular around the 1950s where Egypt was less urban than it is now, and people would spend more time closer to the Nile. Children would play by its shores after school had released them, and young men would chat there at night. It has become less popular at present though it's still familiar to the youth.


Nobody can get close enough to the Nile to get a glimpse of what the creature looks like and run away. Those who pretend to have escaped described her as a very beautiful white female; tall, slender, and with long flowing hair down her back. She stands steadily very near to the bank of the river, her hands placed at her sides, and wearing a loose long semi-transparent dress. In many instances she's described as having a semi-transparent body. Thus, thought by many people to be a genie. Her voice is calm and soft, yet loud.

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