This Was a pececful city once but the G-T Virus got out of hand and now the city is now infested with all types of creatures like and its forest headge hill was the start of this panic

list of areas

underground labs

this is where is medusa is held and professer t yoki was going mental until he went missing for unkown resons maybe he infected himself and became a squid all kind of mutants live down here

Headge hill Forest

Dencer Easete this is a mansion belong to the dumberrla corpration the virus spreed here first and its gardans belong to deadley nightshade

The Forest

in this dark forest no one what lies in this forest but for sure there is a dark cabin that where moaning has been coming from and also ghost of the pasts haunt the area also dogs and zombies

underground mines

in theses dark cavens lie what seems to be the body of the dormont god anubis also mutants and plaga soldiers if anubis is infected with the virus he becomes powerful then medusa

Training feclity

this building was uesd training staff nothing in this building but just watch out for assemblers and utimate zombies and corpese gobblers

Durbui City Docks

this is where a giant squid has been seen on the premises also draggers and the sea tyrant are here along with zombies

USS Dead Beater

a ship that has been docked in the docks of durbi in the divers drop is where you fight squid also the engine creature zombies and frogs


this where a infected carrier has been bringing the dead back to life also this place is infested with zombies and other creatures

surgery room

this is where dr ross helped people but he went into madness and somewhere roaming the hospital with a noise of a chainsaw

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