Early LifeEdit

Dr. Owen Polanski was born in 1966 to Mary Polanski and George Roberts, he was born out of wedlock. His childhood was abnormal, due to the fact his father got him into Science at a young age, and he was discovering new psychiatric drugs at the age of 10, and at the age of 17, was accepted into Harvard for a Doctorates Degree. He was a genius, at the age of 22, his father died, and that's when he realized that he wanted to do exactly what his father did, study the mechanics of psychiatric drugs, after a few years of tinkering with compounds of the drugs his father had developed, an experiment went horribly wrong, after mixing a few compounds together, that didn't belong together it had an explosive reaction destroying his home, and fatally wounding his mother, his only injury was a scar on his left eye that went from the top of his eyebrow, to the top of his mouth, his mother died in the hospital a few weeks later, at the age of 42. he decided to create a company to continue his work.

Later YearsEdit

After the airport incident, Polanski fled to a safehouse in London, afraid of being tracked down by the S.A.G.T and other authorities. Soon, his virus became difficult to control, and the S.A.G.T tracked him down, Major Crise and his team infiltrated the safehouse. They faced little to no resistance, and when they found Polanski, he lost what little bit of sanity he had left. He held a sample of the Zulu virus in his hand, which he had developed himself, and threatened to destroy the vial it would "Infect the whole damn country!" Crise tried to intercept him, but he was effortlessly stoped by Polanski's continuously growing powers. The team intercepted him, knocking the vial down, it fortunately didn't break, but Crise had tried to knife Polanski, but Polanski, broke his neck, instantly killing him. He killed many members of the team, only two members out of the seven remained. He picked up the vial, and held it high, proclaiming "The world is a small price to pay for my godliness!" He threw it to the ground and everybody within an eighty mile radius was infected almost instantly.


After most of London was infected with the Zulu virus, America intervened, sending most of the army, London was quickly contained, and all that remained was Polanki. He was confronted by many top operatives, the aimed their laser sights on him, he blinked his red eyes and screamed his final words "You cannot kill a goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!" He was gunned down, and Crimson and Polanski were no more. He was killed September 19, 2

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