Doom's day

by Doom world


A space ship gos to the moon.A woman named Fiona sees the sun heading to them.Fiona trys to tell them to get off but they all disagree.An explosion happens and destroy's the ship.Fiona is the last survivor and trys to escape.Then,Another explosion kills her.

An preist named Father George thinks the devil is returning to earth.He trys to prove this to the spaceship incident.George then says that the devil made the sun to destroy the ship.A woman named Sarah thinks this is true as her son died from a unexpected fire.The pair convince a journalist named Harry.The three head to an museaum about god and the devil.

Sarah then learns a demon has possessed a young girl named Ana.Ana had managed to shake it off and tried to destroy the demon.However,She destroyed him but he destroyed her sanity.Sarah and Harry head to Ana's house.Ana says if they want to talk they need to go to an subway.They do and wait for an train to go to london.Sarah and Harry then see the train.Ana says that devil phoned me.Then,The train crashes and Ana and thousands are killed.Harry saves Sarah and the pair flee the scene.

Then,A plane crash occurs and more are killed.Sarah and Harry run into an building as more people are killed.Sarah then finds out files that the god and the devil are having a big final show down.Even if this means the world dying.Sarah and Harry run to where George is.

When they get there,Lighting hits the church and the church is inflamed.George is still alive and runs out of the church.Then,The hands of Satian pop up and kills millions of people.Sarah finds herself being draged down in hell.George then pushes Harry down so he can do a runing.Then,Lighting occurs again and he is killed.

Sarah then wakes up in a chamber room.She finds an nun named Diane.Diane says that they need to get out of there.Diane and Sarah manage to get out of the chamber and meet and cat with a dog's head.The demon says that he possessed Ana.Then he possesses Diane,Who attacks Sarah.

Sarah escapes and finds an injured Harry.Sarah manages ti get Harry up and t

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