Detroit Tech, or Detroit Techincal High School, is the school Nathan Cramer attended during the Hoyama incident. It has a state of the art science wing and cafeteria. The school was built a long time ago. However, modifications have been made to it over the years, including a total revamp of the school's hallways, and the brand-new science wing. It is close to the Lansing Apartments.

Hoyama 2Edit

After Hoyama 1, the FBI built armories behind several lockers and planted at least a dozen agents there. They used a Nathan Cramer look-alike as bait for Hoyama to come, while the real Nathan Cramer has had his memory erased and was also attending that school.


The science wing of the school was destroyed because of an explosion set off by one of the agents, which killed off most of the Hoyama children. One of the social studies classrooms was also destroyed after Natasha Orbis drove her car into it. The school gym, one of the earliest sections to be built in the 1930s, had chunks of its walls pulled out and the lights malfunctioned due to a battle. Unlike the Lansing Apartments, the school reopened shortly after the incident.

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