Deep in the cave 2 Fear

by Andrew hay

Plot  Edit

Holly sees an exit from the cave.Holly slowley climbs the rocks to get up.When she does she sees an car nearby.Holly runs to the car to make it stop.It is now a month later.Holly says to the police that her freinds are still in the cave.They send her in with another group.The members are Andrew,Rose,Sally and Billy.It is revealed that Holly has brain damage as she has no problem with the cave.However when the lift gos down,Holly seems to be recovering what happened.When it gos down Holly sees Louise's dead body.

Then a monster comes and kills Billy.The four are separted.Rose and Sally find what they think is an exit.However there is newborn monsters and they awake.They atacked Rose and kill Sally.Meanwhile Holly runs and falls down a dam.She wakes up and gets out of the dirty water.

Andrew however finds an monster eating Diane's body.Andrew was armed with a gun,So he shoots the monster.However this atracts monsters and they overpower him.Holly hears an shot as she is trying to get out of the hall she is in.She turns around and sees an monster that is inside a girls body.The girl sees her and clims inhuman like to get to Holly.Holly manages to just escapes and runs.However Rose knocks herout.

Holly wakes up.She finds Rose traping a monster in a cage.Holly screams as the monster is going to kill her.Thinking fast,Holly escapes but falls down a dam with Rose.They land on Andrew and find the gun.The too girls look at each other and both grab for the gun.Holly gets it and shoots Rose.Holly runs away as the noise atrackted the girl.Holly sees an exit and climbs up the rocks.When she is about to escape,The girl grabs her leg.Holly shoots it.Holly then seals the exit and collapses.When she turns around she sees the wood in fire.She turns around to see the cave in fire.Holly laughs as an baby monster trys to get out.Holly shoots the monster til her bullets run out.

Holly wakes up in the cave again and cries in shock.The cave is on fire.Holly turns around but sees her daughter smileing.Holly hugs her,But it turns out that Holly is huging the girl she shot dead.The fire hits both of them.Hollys body is found and roses unknowen.

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