Deep in the cave

by Andrew hay

Describtion Edit

Because of the novel The killers and The killers 2  Andrew hay was taken as the new horror writer.He decided to make another novel.He made this by making his own monsters up so it was not just realisim he will make.

Plot Edit

Holly,Andrew and Laura are a loving family.However their car crashes and Holly only survives.Holly heartbroaking,Never acepted the past.

It is an year later.Holly is reunited with freinds Louise,Shelly and Diane.They plan to go into an undiscovered cave.When they do this Louise trips and falls down.Holly and the others carefully go down to save her.However,Rocks fall causing them all down deeper to the cave.They are sealed in and can not find Louise.Shelly says there is no way out of here.Holly wanders off and finds something drinking water.The thing turns around to her and jumbs to her.Holly manages to avoid it and is separated from the others.

Holly finds Louise stuck in a rock right in her leg.She tells them that Shelly wants to kill all of them and created monsters.Holly does not beleave her til Lousie gives her Shellys diary.Then more of the monsters come,Leaving Holly to run away.She hears Louise swears and is suddenly quite.Holly then falls down a hole.

Meanwhile Shelly and Diane are chased by the monsters.They are separated and Diane's path leads to an deadend and she turns around and screams.Shelly,However,Has managed to escape for now and hides in a little room.A monsters hand reaches out to her but the monster is too big to get threw.Shelly sighs and relaxes for a minute.She could hear Dianes screams but she ignores it.

However Holly wakes up underwater.She slowly gets up covered in mud.She looks around and relises she is used for storage for food for the monsters.Holly tries to escape and manages to.Holly then climbs up the wall to another hole.When she reaches this she finds the monster trying to get in Shellys hole.Holly kills the monster with an axe she found.Holly and Shelly decide to escape now.

The pair kill a couple of more til they bumb into millions.One has to take her own life and the other escapes.Relising that Shelly tried to kill her,Holly pushes her to them and she runs.However there is another hole and Holly falls down again.

Holly then wakes up and sees an exit.Holly manages to escape and sees an monster chasing her.She kills it and heads to her car.However when she drives she hears screams of her freinds and this causes her to crash her car.The book ends with Holly in hospital and is looking at an nurse.The nurse looks at her and Holly screams.It is an monster and Holly wakes back up.In the cave.

Reception Edit

The novel recived over 4 million.An movie version was made.

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