Death of the Death

by Andrew Hay


When a few Doctors accidently pronounce a man dead,They hide the bodie.Rachel,One of the doctors,Is stalked by an woman.Now it is an fight for survival as they do not know if it is an spirit or an crazed serial killer.


Rachel,Jhon,Bella,Helen and Gordan see an old man named Andy.Andy says that he is dieing.Then he falls asleap and the doctors think he is dead.Instead of telling the truth,They bury the bodie at the backyard of Rachel's house.When Rachel is shoping,A packet of peas is throwen at her.Rachel turns around but there is nobody there.When Rachel drives of in her car,A woman runs into the car and Rachel just manages to not hit her.Rachel gets out but nobody is there.

At an shift,Rachel asks Helen if Andy was dead,Helen says no and that she was too terrified to tell them.Rachel then gos onto an patient who is an old woman.She then shouts out HELL HELL HELL JESUS.Rachel turns around and sees the woman who was nearly ran into.The woman jumbs into the old woman and Rachel faints when a vase falls on top of her,

Meanwhile,Helen walks to her house.She is staying with Jhon and the pair go in the shower together,They go to bed and watch the news.Then the woman runs in the house and she slits Jhon throat.Helen runs into the bathroom and locks the door.She manages to get out of the small window.Helen runs to her car and drives away.She heads to Rachels house.

Meanwhile,Rachel runs to an libary to meet up with Gordan and Bella.They research about the woman.Rachel then finds out that she is called Jessica and she wants to kill anyone who kills her upcoming victeim,Then an army of Jessica smash in and the 3 escape.

Helen ends uo in Rachel's house.Then a strong wind blows Helen to an bathroom.Helen manages to escape Jessica but falls down the stairs.Deep with fear,Helen heads to the kitchen.However,Hands come out of the sink,Grabing Helen and they kill her.

Rachel then relises that Jessica is the devil,Then hands smash through the floor and grab onto Bella and they drag her to hell.Rachel and Gordan escape to an church as they have one last chance to stop Jessica.However their plans are foiled and the pair escape from deadly forces.When they are hideing,Hands smash through the wall and drag Gordan away.

Rachel then heads to the bible to tell off Jesicca.She does manage to tell her off and she is rescued by the swat team as they saw millions of lights glueing in the dark and explosions happening.

Rachel then learns she is pregnent but by who is the dad.Then she turns on the tv and sees Jessica,Who is smileing and has an t shirt saying hows the kids.Rachel learns that she is carrying satans baby's.

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