by Harry smith


Mary,An teenager,falls down into the sewers.She looks around and finds an hole.She climbs into it and a mutant[Crawlers]Grab her and kill her.Ryan and his wife,Jane head to the local Restruant.When they are leaving,They are screams coming outside.Evreyone looks and the crawlers are killing evreyong and they all head after an man who is trying to get to the Restruant.However,The staff close the automatic doors and the man is eaten.Terrified,They all barricade the exits.

Jane meets up with elderly couple Barry and Susan and middle aged teacher Pennylope.An nun then screams outloud for nothing and then faints.An doctor named Harry says she is dead.Then the nun wakes up and shouts outloud the world is getting punshed by me.She then falls down and dies.An woman named Zoey says that the devil possessed her.

All the customers try to rest.Ryan,Jane,Barry,Susan,Pennylope and Harry have a talk of what is going on.Then big huge tenticals burst through the windows and grab some of the surviviors and drag them away.Susan is caught and Barry and Ryan try to pull heraway from them while sliding on the floor.Jane and Pennylope are attacked by the tenticals although Pennylope shoots it with her revolver.The tenticals then go away.

Susan is injured and the windows are barricaded.Barry was grabed away with the tenticals and Susan is in state of shock.Zoey then says they should feed the monster or they will all be eaten.Pennylope is chosen and the good side try to stop this.There is a big fight and Pennylope,Ryan and Susan manage to escape.Jane was traped in the riot and is going to get fed to the monster.

They then see Harry,Who is dead with a chilling not tucked into his pocket.It says that Pennylope was paid by the military to create the monsters.Pennylope then reveals she was so scared if they will kill her.Then the crowd break in the kitchen and the pair leave Susan,Who screams for them.

Pennylope and Ryan escape through the sewers.They are then attacked by the crawlers.Ryan is killed and Pennylope escapes.Then a tentical grabs onto her and Pennylope screams as she is eaten.

Meanwhile an desparate survivior named Sarah lets the monsters in for her dog.Evreyone is killed except form Zoey,Who smiles when they do not get her.She then worships the monster with the tenticals saying thank you.But the monster grabs onto Zoey and Zoey shoots herself with Pennylope's gun befour she is eaten.

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