The Aztec Crystal Skulls are ancient and powerful artifacts that hold untold magical power.


According to legend, when Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca created the earth from the monster Cipactli, Quetzalcoatl feared that the cthonic beast would eventually tire of the human offerings, so he created an unknown number of crystal skulls to ensure that Cipactli's insatiable hunger would not turn into a destructive rampage. Tezcatlipoca then assigned The Guardian to protect them from those that would abuse their power.

Eventually, a great plague swept across the earth, and humanity was in danger of dying from starvation. Taking pity on them, Quetzalcoatl gave them the skulls to end the plague and sustain humanity should disasters occur. Until such a time when some began to think of using the skulls for purposes far beyond the intentions of the serpent god.

Humans sought to use the skulls as weapons of war and conquer the earth. Displeased at how they abuse this god-given gift, Quetzalcoatl hid his creations all across the earth, and Tezcatlipoca sent his servant to dismantle the armies.

Modern TimesEdit

In the late Renaissance period, two skulls have been discovered, and the Guardian was let loose to reclaim them. One skull, in the possession of Romanian alchemist Johann Vladislaus, was reclaimed by the Guardian some time after its discovery, but unusually allowed the thief to live. The second skull, claimed by Spanish conquistador Eduardo de Legazpi, has somehow vanished from the Guardian. The entity is still searching for this skull before something terrible happens to it. All the while, Cipactli is stirring, her great belly rumbling. With the human sacrifices halted by the Spanish invasion, the skulls are needed now more than ever...

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