Constructed Horror: Skull - Rules

  • Please do not edit anybody else's articles with major changes without the permission of the author. However, spelling/grammar corrections are always allowed.
  • Please do not collaborate on other people's articles without their permission.
  • Please do not add fan fiction. This site is not for fan fiction. However, getting inspiration from other things is obviously allowed, so long as you don't add references to actual things.
  • Please do not spam or create trash or nonsense articles and clog up the wiki. While we still want a good article count, we won't get it by spamming and trashing up the community.
  • Please do not advertise any commercial things. We are not an advertisement agency.
  • Do not add information about games, shows, movies, books, ect.
  • Images do not have to be original. As long as it doesn't violate copyright, all images are allowed.
  • Please do not use inappropriate language here. This is a public community and anybody could be looking at this.
  • Have fun!

If any article violates the above, it will be deleted. If you violate the rules, you will be warned. If you violate the rules repeatedly, you will be banned.

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