The Administrators and moderators of ConHorror is known as the ConHorror Council. Those administrators/Council members are:

Council Elders (The Founding Fathers of ConHorror) Edit

Council Members Edit

Currently, we do not have regular council members (administrators who become admins over time and editing). You have a chance to join the council and make decisions.

Council Officers Edit

What The Council Does Edit

The council is in charge of all the major decisions (such as changing policies, changing rules, making another admin, making moderators (aka Officers), officially proclaming a sister wiki, ect. The council cannot change any other "minor" proposals and automatically decline them, such as adding another featured article, image conflicts, ect.

ConHorror Information Edit

  • Founded on January 6, 2009
  • Founded by Leon
  • Co-founder is Mr. 89
  • Mascot is Skully
  • We currently have 352 articles!
  • Goal (As of Mar. 31, 2009): We may have one hundred, but now, TWO HUNDRED!!!!

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