Skull: Constructed Horror - Overview

Founded on January 6, 2009, this is the wiki for horror fans (AKA "Horrorholics") who want to create their own horror settings, characters, and adventures. In this wiki you can write about:

  • Creepy atmospheric settings
  • Courageous Protagonists
  • Vile Antagonists
  • Deathdefying Creatures
  • Captivating Stories
  • Awesome Horror Roleplaying Mazes

And the only tool you need is your imagination and creativity. Try it out!

  • You can add images to your projects. This wiki does not accept Fan Fiction.

If you need any help, contact Head Admin Leon.

Skull: Constructed Horror - NOT FOR:

This Wiki is not a place for:

  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Fan fiction
  • Chatting With Friends
  • Information About Games, Shows, ect.

If any article violates the above, it will be deleted. If you violate the rules repeatedly, you will be banned.

Skull: Constructed Horror - General Information

  • Founded on January 6, 2009
  • Founded by Leon
  • Co-founder is Mr. 89
  • Mascot is Skully
  • We currently have 352 articles!
  • Goal (As of December 13, 2010): Let's just try to get this place more active people!

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