Cave Horror is an 2010 horror film. Sandra and her friends decide to go down an cave when camping. They are blocked and relise they will be trapped for about an week. When one of them is killed by an monster, The others try and escape the cave, alive.


Sandra and her friends Holly, Beth, Michelle, Frankie and Lauren are camping. Lauren reveals she is pregnant, which makes them all happy.

The next morning, They go down an cave while Lauren watches. Deep into the cave, Everyone is horrified when Lauren falls down and an bunch of rocks crash into the cave.

Lauren fears she has lost the baby and Frankie confronts her. Sandra wanders off and screams when she sees an monster drinking blood.

Michelle tells Sandra that it was her imaganation. Later on, An bunch of monsters apear and kill Lauren. The other five run off and separate.

Beth and Holly run and Holly trips and falls into mud. She screams when she relises it is an 'toilet' for the monster. Just then, an monster comes from the mud and kills her.

Frankie and Sandra manage to hide and start crying. Frankie tells Sandra she has got cancer and would rather die in the cave than of the disease. However, an monster grabs onto Frankie and kills her.

Michelle is seen running and then she sees an baby monster. She grabs an rock and kills the monster. She turns around and screams when she is killed by the mother monster.

Beth runs and hears Sandra. She grabs onto her and says she has heard that rescue is coming in an week. Sandra tells Beth she can't wait that long.

Just then, an monster jumps on Beth and Sandra kills it. The two start to run from an bunch of monsters. Beth trips and tells Sandra to keep running.

Sandra manages to escape the cave and hears Beth scream. Sarah gets to the campsite and collapses. She wakes up and starts to run to Beth's car.

Sandra relises Beth had the keys and bursts out crying. She then falls next to an small hole and starts to cry. However, an monster jumps up and grabs onto Sandra.


Cave Horror Part 2 Sandra manages to escape but is forced down back to the cave along with an rescue team to find her friends.

Cave Horror Part 3 Charlie kills the man and manages to tell the world what realy happened, but they think that she is covering her murders and is forced to go back into the cave.

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