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Bella Linda Swan
Date of Birth 1979
Date of Death 2009
Gender Female
Height 6.9
Race/Ethnicity English
Occupation Student
Marital status Boyfreind dead
Relative(s) Sister and mother
Status Dead

Life Edit

Bella Swan was the sister of Fiona swan and daughter to Emily swan.Bella and Fiona were moved to japan to as they were teenagers.Bella was freinds with Jane which caused the events of an old woman.

Role in an old woman. Edit

Bella and Fiona were haunted by the old woman.Fiona tried to calm down an worried Bella.However as Fiona could not find her Bella managed to escape from the old woman's hands.Bella hotwired an car to escape.However Fiona phoned her which caused the car to crash near an cave.When Bella woke up she draged herself to the cave.She learned that the old woman was Allison.Then Allison tried to kill her but Bella escaped to her car.However she heard an noise behind her and Bella turned around and screamed.In the north american version she had saw Fiona's corpse who's eyes open and is pure white.

Role in an old woman two rebirth Edit

Bella was sent to an mental hospital.When an woman named Beth needed her help to stop the curse,Bella says there is no way to stop it.However the old woman comes and kills Bella making Beth flee.Near the end when Beth was giving birth to the new old woman Bella apeared and tried to stop the woman coming out.She was an spirit and Beth thought it was over.However it turned out she was helping the woman and Beth fainted.Bella and Beth's corpses were found by the police and the pair started an new curse.

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