The Arrival Chapter One

14 Friends were going on a camping trip for the week the friends are 6 Girls and Six Boys. Tanya a Big Brested Cheerleader that has a bossy and sexy Personaliity and all the boys like next is Billy a highschool jock that is the boyfriend of Tanya. next is Dide a geeky girl that likes reading books and other stuff next is james a boy who likes playing video games and nothing but that . next is Shebra she is a emo gothic girl who doesnt want any friends and likes cutting herself and everything evil . next is kaira a Slut Who wants have sex and and filrt with all the boys next. is sam a normal highschool kid who's trying to good in the world along with two forighn studants ciara and edratt and finel thier teacher Mr Oldman who just a grumpy old teacher they were going on a camping trip but a they stop at a tall abandoned scary looking asylum they decided to enter it apart from mr oldman.

Entering Hell Chapter Two

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