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Angela Bella Foel
Date of Birth 1982
Date of Death 2008
Gender Female
Height 5.9
Race/Ethnicity English
Occupation Soical worker
Marital status Engaged
Relative(s) Brother
Status Dead


Role in ZombieEdit

Angela was an social worker befour the outbreak happened.She then heard something strange from her patient.The patient atacked her at full spead but Angela grabed an butcher knife.She just kills him and phones the police.However more like the patient arived and tried to atack her.Angela escaped in a car but the car crashed.She met up with an group of survivors.These people were Jack Link,Andrew Branon and Sarah walter.The group made it to an Apartment buliding called Home for you.Sarah found wepons and the group barricaded and sealed all exits in the buliding.

When an other group came the surviors tried to escape.When three of their plans falied they tried once more.They escaped to the sewers with the zombies in hot pursuit.When the rest of the survivors who made it to an helicopter,Angela found out that her love Jack was bitten.They left him behind and escaped to Florida.

Role in Zombie part 2 Florida Edit

In this one,Angela found out that their was an millatary base somewhere.However Angela was one of the surviviors that died trying to get there.She was chased by school children after leaving Sarah to die.However Angela never had the gut to shoot them and she had been eaten alive.Angela's corpse was found by Jill Stakes who had to shoot her when she woke up as an zombie.

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