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Andrew Jane Broom
Date of Birth 1974
Date of Death 2008
Gender Male
Height 6.5
Race/Ethnicity Human/English
Occupation Lawyer
Marital status Angela Zoey Brown
Relative(s) Mother and Wife
Status Dead


Andrew Broom is the son of Emily Broom.He went to the walter school.When he was older he met Angela Brown.He fell in love with her.She then agreed that they should go out.When they got married his mother was not happy.They adopted an girl named Zoey.

Role in Demons in walter street Edit

Andrew and Zoey were driving to his old street to find answers about his daughter's sleepwalking.The car crashed and Andrew relised Zoey was gone.He made an wild search for her.He was atacked by demons and barley escaped with his life.He then grabed an shotgun and killed crawlers.He met up with Lauren brewster who helped him to find Zoey.After a few twists and turns Andrew and Lauren ended up in walter hospital.They were atacked by the nurses and the pair splited up.Andrew found his daughter but she had no face.She is the demon of demons in walter street.

Death Edit

Andrew was blamed for the murders of Zoey and Lauren as noboy belived his story.He got the chair in America.His wife Angela wept.However this started the events of Walter street's key.

Articals Edit

Angela Brown


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