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Allison Mary Tronton
Date of Birth birthdate unknown
Date of Death deathdate unknown
Gender Female
Height 6.1
Race/Ethnicity Ghost
Occupation Once an houswife.Now an killer
Marital status Divorced
Relative(s) Mother
Status Undead

Life  Edit

Allison was just an normal little child.However when Allison became 13,Her mother raped her.Allison killed her and went into hiding.Then she fell down an well.She was discovered by a girl who managed to make her back up.It is revealed that during down the well a ghost had possesed her so she killed the girl.She managed to get the ghost out of her.Then Allison lived a normal life.Now Allison encoutered the ghost again in her age 89.Now she died from it and has been a monster ever scince.When an unlucky famiy experimented it Allison was full of rage.Now whoever becomes in contact with her dies.

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