After the Scarring

by Rasp Shatterchain

Note: every year in this story is set after the Scarring (or ATS.) The easiest way to determine which year AD is it is to add 3216 (because in 3216 AD the Scarring occurred).

Part One. Edit

Year 10 ATS. January 29. Edit

Around 11 before noon Edit

It's very dark. All the days are beginning to darken. The Sun is rather gray than orange. You can't see the stars on a clear night. Terrible. Disturbing. I'm sitting in my tent. I don't know how many are there left. I just received information about a camp southeast from here. They seem friendly, but I can't strictly and completely rely on them. I have learn that in the past ten years.

I'm giving you my hand-drawn map. Far north (left) is the Sea. Far south (right) is the Desert. We are somewhere in the middle. If you can't read the symbols, don't worry, you'll figure the place names after.