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Adrian Guadron
Date of Birth unknown
Date of Death character's date of death
Gender Male
Height character's height
Race/Ethnicity Human
Occupation Leader of the Hoyama cult
Marital status Widower
Relative(s) San Pablo(son)
Status deceased

Adrian Guadron was the leader of Hoyama. He lead it in all of its ceremonies and was the catalyst for the massacre at the Lansing Apartments. He has a boy whose mother was killed by Adrian himself as a sacrafice to the goddess.

In the Lansing ApartmentsEdit

Nathan Cramer encountered him many times during the massacre, but never attempted to seriously fight him. Instead, he ran away. It was only during the final battle that a fight ensued. Mrs. Radisson was the person who killed him, contrary to popular beliefs that it was Nathan who did.

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