by Tommy Black


A man named Ryan is doing an experiment on a cure for cancer.The year is 2008.He tests the cure on a dog who has cancer.However the dog dies but wakes up in a minute.Ryan is bitten by him but just manages to lock the dog in a lab.Ryan learns he has til 2015 to become infected with something unknowen.He tells his girlfreind this who cries.Then it is 2015.A news report says that there is an zombie outbreak all over America.

A young woman named Linda bell is going to the mall with her boyfreind Jhon Klebitz.When Linda sees that an man has collapsed,Linda tries to help him.However he pushes her back and his pupils of his eyes turn pure white.Linda runs away with Jhon.Then an zombie massacar occurs in the mall.Jhon gives up his life for Linda and Linda rushses to her car.She drives the car away and heads to an highway.Then a bus crashes into her car which makes the car fall down the hill.

Linda wakes up and sees a man holding a gun at her.He asks is she was bitten.Linda says no.The man introudeces himself as Jim.The pair rush to an abandoment bus.Linda is given an gun and she shoots an old woman who was an zombie.She hears weeping from the restroom of the bus.She opens the door and sees an teenager who tries to atack her with an axe.However Linda dives out of the way and the teenager relises that these people are not infected.She reveals herslef to be Ana.

The three drive the bus til it runs out of gas.They head to an nearby farmhouse.When they cheak it out Ana collapses and Jim takes her to an bed.They barricade the house.When Ana wakes up she tries to get out.However Jim manages to knock her out and ties her up in the bed.Linda cheaks the basement.She sees an little girl eating something.It turns out to be an heart.Linda shoots the girl.This atracts zombies and the horde smash in the house.Linad and Jim escape upstrais and head out of an window.However an zombie jumbs at jim and eats him.

Linda nearly escapes to an car but a zombie jumbs onto her.Linda is bitten in the neck.Meanwhile

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